You can arrange to have Dr. Beck speak personally to your church, school, or organization.  He has given single and multi-day seminars, spoken at church retreats, taught university class sessions, and delivered sermons during worship services.

If you would like to schedule him for a speaking engagement, please use the form below for your inquiry.  Thank you.

Examples of Topics
  • There is Geography in My Bible! Now What?

  • An Introduction to the Geography of the Promised Land

  • Along the Road, How Jesus Used Geography to Tell God’s Story

  • Organizing the Bible Like a Walker

  • Land without Borders, How God Guides Me Through the Wilderness

  • Lessons on Listening to Jesus from Bethany

  • Passion Week on the Mount of Olives

  • Dirt, Rocks, and the Divine: The Geology of the Promised Land

  • Wildflowers and Wildlife of the Bible

  • Farming the Promised Land in Bible Times

  • Sheep, Shepherds, and Pastures of the Promised Land

  • Travel in Bible Times

  • Water, Weather, and the Word

  • Bethlehem and the Story of Jesus’s Birth

  • Jesus’s Feeding Miracles and the Geography of Forgiveness

First United Methodist Church Huntsville Texas

Turner Lectures

Sermon at Crossroads Community Church Nampa, Idaho

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